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Started by being an employee, but the dream of having his own business led Rui Silva to make a bet in CORTANTES BARROSAS. This firm that transforms a mold of a customer, made of card, into one made of steel or iron, is in the market for practically 12 years and several changes occurred in this sector, strongly connected to footwear. Machinery helped and the sector appreciated it...


...but the secret of this segment is still the quality, competitive price and speed in the deliveries made to customer, in a way that satisfies the buyer.

The firm counted three employees in the beggining of it's activity; today there are about 18, which demonstrates well the evolution of the firm during it's 12 years of existence in the market.

Zona Industrial de Revinhade - Lote 16, Lugar das Pedras Agudas, Apartado 2019, FELGUEIRAS, 4650-372 REVINHADE - FELGUEIRAS

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