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The CORTANTES BARROSAS is envolved in sectors like footwear, textiles and automobile.

In an area that requires an enormous precision and great knowledge of the matter, working in cutting in not accessible to all, and it’s not easy to give formation in this area, it’s quite costly from the initial to the final phase.
This is a segment that requires high experience, with serious risks in case of excessive production time.
The firm CORTANTES BARROSAS has a high cumulative experience of 12 years and high quality of manpower, which permits giving solutions to all kind of orders in a useful time.



The motto (mission) of the firm located in Vila de Barrosas, Felgueiras, is based on a production with quality, speed and safety, in a way that it's products are more competitive that it's competitors in a difficult market like the cuttings.


Zona Industrial de Revinhade - Lote 16, Lugar das Pedras Agudas, Apartado 2019, FELGUEIRAS, 4650-372 REVINHADE - FELGUEIRAS

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